Wahl Refractory Solutions has grown to be a recognized leader in the refractory industry, offering an extensive line of refractory precast shapes and castables for the Steel, Aluminum, Cement & Thermoprocessing industries.

  • Wahl is the innovator in utilizing steel fibers in castables. This wire reinforced castable lead to the development of the SIFCA® (Slurry Infiltrated Fiber Castable) process, a method for producing precast shapes with a high volume percent of stainless steel fibers.
  • Wahl developed a line of large aggregate mixes, known as “Ultra” products.
  • Wahl manufactures precast shapes ranging from small to over 33,000 lbs.
  • High quality standards are followed during the manufacturing process to deliver superior products.
  • With expertise in refractory precast shapes and unmatched engineering capabilities, Wahl Refractory designs, produces and delivers innovative and dependable solutions.
  • In-house production of all materials for the casting process.