With our high quality standards and innovative technology, Wahl Refractory serves various industries with applications and superior products that will meet the most demanding needs.


Wahl provides outstanding products and service to the Aluminum Industry. As the innovator of MegaBRIX® large precast shapes for aluminum furnaces, our products have exceptional physical properties and minimize installation time. Shapes can range from complete furnace assemblies to small maintenance items. All materials are custom formulated in house to ensure proper material selection for each application.

Applications include Furnace Linings, Furnace Fronts, Molten Metal Transfer Components, Furnace Lining Veneers, Dross Removal/Bath Stirring Tools and Ancillary Applications.

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Wahl has an innovative approach to solving a wide variety of customers’ refractory problems.  Wahl offers a range of cutting edge precast refractories for high severity applications including spinel-forming and spinel-containing materials for the Iron, Steel and Carbon Industries.  Wahl’s SIFCA® line of materials provide outstanding impact and wear resistance. 

Applications Include:  Deltas, Ladle Lip Retention Systems and Spouts, Ladle Bottoms, Runners, Skimmers, Annealing Bases, Snorkels, Torpedo Car Throats, Reheat Furnace Perimeters and Components, Specialty Monolithics and Shotcrete/Gunnite Materials for a range of applications.

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Wahl’s performance in servicing the Cement Industry is ROCK SOLID through leading research and development capabilities for innovative refractory technology.  Engineering, technical sales teams and high quality manufacturing standards deliver superior products to meet the demanding needs of the industry’s applications.

Applications include Nose Rings, Thimbles, Dampers, Blaster Nozzles, Coolers, Preheater Refractories and Specialty Monolithics.

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Wahl Refractory Solutions provides refractory products that minimize refractory wear in the stringent smelting and refining demands of the Copper Industry.  Many factors such as the furnace type, atmospheric conditions, launder requirements and the process conditions are considered when determining the precast designs and refractory type for the industry’s applications.  Wahl manufactures precast shapes and castables that meet the metallurgical requirements of primary smelting and secondary copper furnaces.  The benefits to the refractories Wahl provides are:

  • Specific designs for atmospheric conditions.
  • Resistance to chemical attack.
  • Thermal shock resistance.
  • Reduced installation time.


Wahl Refractory Solutions offers a variety of precast, castable, gunning and shotcrete refractories to meet the most demanding applications required in the Power Generation Industry.  Wahl’s range of refractories are engineered for high temperature erosion resistant applications. These refractories exhibit excellent strength, thermal shock resistance and insulating properties. Wahl has the expertise to design precast shapes and recommend the appropriate refractory materials required for industrial and utility boilers. Applications within the power industry may include:

  • Bottom ash hoppers.
  • Fly ash hoppers.
  • Erosion resistant linings in fuel line piping.
  • Burners, soot blowers and water cannon ports.
  • Material handling transfer points.
  • Cyclones.


Wahl Refractory Solutions provides refractory products that minimize refractory wear in the Titanium Industry.  Wahl’s experience across the titanium industry with various furnace types including box furnaces, door perimeters and other ancillary shapes has proven to show long product life cycles.  Wahl’s innovative use of large sized aggregate in the “Ultra” form of our materials provide unique properties.  With our precast technology, Wahl can properly zone materials, cure and dry out the lining and take away any variations in the mix, resulting in a long lasting product.